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Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County introduces three new tutors

Three new tutors have joined the ranks of Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County and are ready to assist adults who need help in improving their reading, writing, speaking and math skills.  The group completed a 15 hour training workshop which included information on techniques for teaching adults, phonics, sight words, word patterns, using the language experience technique, comprehension, writing, and lesson planning.  Literacy Volunteers provides free tutoring in the GED, Hi-Set, and CRC along with help in passing the naturalization tests.  Sessions are held in public places for about 90 minutes a week. They are now located at 113 east15th Street in Washington can be contacted Monday-Thursday from 9-1:00 pm or by appointment at 974-1812.  LVBC is a United Way partner. 

The Numbers Don't Lie. Low literacy is a global crisis that affects all of us. That's why it's so important to understand the issues and confront the facts head on. 

Worldwide, there are nine hundred million adults that have no opportunity to obtain the listening, speaking, reading, writing, and math skills they need to meet basic human needs.

Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County
is a non-profit, volunteer organization whose primary goal is to promote literacy in Beaufort County. The mission of the Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County (LVBC) is to empower the citizens of Beaufort County by providing free, confidential, one-to-one tutoring in reading, writing, English, and mathematics to undereducated legal adults.  This is done through one-on-one or small group tutoring of adults. This service is free and confidential. Tutoring takes place in public places such as Brown Library, BCCC Learning Resource Library, churches, and other public locations. 

Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County
Information Courtesy of www.proliteracy.org and www.proliteracyednet.org


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Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County


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