Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County

Literacy Volunteers of Beaufort County
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Teach an adult to read.
Inspire the world to change. Literacy changes everything. When adults learn to read, write, or do basic math, their transformations are nothing short of remarkable. They can find and keep jobs, enjoy better health, and educate their own children. Their new skills enable them to dream big, do more, and move forward. And that means society can move forward, too. Our solutions are designed to spark this type of lasting change for individuals, communities, and the entire world. 


What is Literacy?

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Tutors may find the following worth a try; many have links to other sites:

Pro Literacy World Wide and ProLiteracy America-our national affiliate: and for online courses, lesson plans, activities, techniques, strategies

Verizon--Thinkfinity network-free online professional learning community:

North Carolina Literacy Resource Center:

LD Online-For suspected learning difficulties, especially the “In Depth”

For reading comprehension strategies:

For GED resources:

GED –individual tests:

Adult basic skills:

life Changed Through Literacy